Now What, Monsanto?

Things you should know:

1) The Monsanto Corporation (see article, All About Monsanto) has a monopoly on GMO seeds.

2) The most famous Monsanto product is Roundup, a highly potent herbicide.

3) The second most famous Monsanto product is Roundup Ready Soybeans (another popular product is Roundup Ready corn).

4) 90% of American soy is Roundup Ready (70%, corn).

5) Roundup kills essentially everything but Roundup Ready Soybeans.

…except for a new Roundup-resistant weed!

Environmentalists have been saying it for years.  Natural selection will produce a super-species.  It happens all the time (the most terrifying of which, in my opinion, is super-antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus).  In at least 22 states, there exist Roundup-resistant weeds.

Farmers once heavily dependent on Monsanto products are beginning to realize that Roundup (glyphosate) won’t be enough, and are now turning to more expensive inputs: new, more toxic herbicides, mechanical methods, pulling weeds by hand.  This is almost certain to effect the cost of food (not that I would want to buy herbicide-soaked food to begin with).

What’s next?

My tip: go organic.


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